Golden Foods (Macaroni/Pasta/Spaghetti)

Golden Foods (Macaroni/Pasta/Spaghetti) became a leading company of Pakistan, quickly carved out in national scene. Company has nationwide 100+ distributors

GOLDEN FOODS – 1999 is the birth year, manufacturing Macaroni-Recipe-Pasta-Spaghetti-Vermicelli-Tea. Golden Foods is based in the capital of Pakistan “Islamabad” and operating Tea factory in Karachi since 67 years. Food manufacturing is the ever burgeoning food sector in Pakistan. Specially innovative and Italian food category, our current product line carries around 30+SKUs. These products are in emergent category and since GOLDEN FOODS have complete support mechanism from manufacturing to NATIONWIDE (200 Towns) supply chain network, it has got an edge over other competitors. Our significant growth is due to convenience, hygiene standard and variety factors being associated with this category. Golden Foods since its establishment, quickly carved out in the national scene among few of top ranked brands of Pakistan and operates with complete mechanism of packing, storage, fleet operations, distribution network, marketing and international sales