Image RightBased in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, operating with regional office in Karachi. We expanded and diversified into a versatile food manufacturing the ever burgeoning food sector in Pakistan. Specially innovative and Italian snack food category, our current product line carries 36 SKUs that includes as follows .

Pasta-5 shapes+ 3 flavored + 3 U shapes + 2 thick vermicelli

Macaroni-17 shapes + 3 color

Spaghetti-3 shapes

These products are in emergent category and since GOLDEN FOODS have complete support mechanism from manufacturing to NATIONWIDE supply chain network, it has got an edge over other competitors.
Our significant growth is due to convenience, hygiene standard and variety factors being associated with this category.

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Private labeling manufacturing is another portfolio of GOLDEN FOODS where we cater top notch brands and largest food service institution in Pakistan and some of international companies who work for Europe and middle-east.